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Mealprep Idea: Mealprep on a budget – £26 for 6 days


Eating well does not have to be expensive, and here’s the evidence.

Here are my shopping receipts from this weekend, assuming of course that I have basics like olive oil and salt already at home.

For £26 between Lidl and Sainsbury’s, I have enough ingredients for:

  • 6 portions of jerk chicken with rice and peas and roasted broccoli
  • 6 portions of burrito salad with sour cream and tortillas
  • 12 egg muffins
  • 6 portions of skyr and banana
  • a bag of mixed nuts for snacking

IMG_7105(not pictured, the one jerk chicken I had before I took the picture, and the nuts and bananas)IMG_7101Burrito bowl salad thing, going to have this for lunches with toasted tortilla wraps and a dollop of sour cream.  IMG_7127Dinner is this. Yum. IMG_7126These are for snacks or breakfast.

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