Salad / Sides

Recipe: Phali (or Pkhali): white bean salads/sides


A friend asked me the other day what my favourite cuisine is. I almost said Italian. No, Scottish. No, Georgian. Yes, Georgian. Unfortunately, this cuisine is little known here and recipes are pretty hard to find. So this recipe is me trying to recreate a dish I always order (aside from khachapuri, the heavenly cheese boats/cheese pies) when I find a Georgian restaurant (mostly in Moscow).

White beans are also full of protein, which is nice if you’re trying to reduce your meat intake!

The base is tinned white beans, boiled for a few minutes to make sure they are nice and soft and the skin isn’t coming off. The other base ingredient is roasted onion and garlic in olive oil. I had an 800g tin of beans, to which I added 2 medium onions and about 6 cloves of fresh garlic, but you can alter this to taste. Everything was mushed with a fork and then you can start adding flavours, mine, clockwise from top right:

Roasted aubergine, walnuts

Kidney beans and coriander

Spinach (quickly wilted with boiling water)

Extra garlic and coriander

I have also tried the same base with beetroot, fermented cabbage, etc. The possibilities are endless!




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