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Meal Prep: Step – by – step guide

If you’re new to meal prep, the whole process can be very daunting. So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a whole week worth of food in a few hours. This should make you: 6 portions of chicken, 6 portions of meatballs, 12 muffins and 15 pancakes.

What we are going to make:

Banana Pancakes with Blueberries  (for prep – double the normal recipe)

(Just follow the recipe and add a few blueberries into your pancake batter once you’ve scooped the batter into the pan.)

Egg Muffins

Jerk Chicken with Coconut Milk Rice with Kidney Beans (rice recipe here links to a different page, couldn’t have explained it better myself – although I tend to add the coconut milk when the rice is almost cooked – to have a somewhat sticky rice situation)

Meatballs with Cherry Sauce and Sweet Potato Mash (here, I’ve used 2/3 sweet potato – 1/3 normal potato – it’s a sweetness preference)

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Prep the chicken and put in the oven.
  3. Boil/ roast your potatoes for the mash.
  4. Make meatballs.
  5. Make rice.
  6. Make egg muffins.
  7. Make pancakes.

In this order – you will be cooking things on the hob while your oven is working – for optimal time and energy use!

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