Cheat Meal / Dessert

Recipe: Hoegaarden Rosée Bavarois

Sometimes you just need a cheat meal.

Note, this dessert needs about 8 hours of prep.

For 6 servings you will need:

  • One bottle of Hoegaarden Rosée
  • 6 egg yolks
  • a vanilla pod
  • 200g/ 1 cup sugar
  • 500ml/ 2 cups full fat milk
  • 6 gelatine leaves
  • 600ml/ 2.2 cups 30% cream
  •  punnet of raspberries
  1. Beer jelly: heat up the beer whilst soaking 2 gelatine leaves in cold water. Add the soaked gelatine to the warm beer and stir until dissolved. Pour equal quantities amongst 6 glasses. Cool for 3 hours until set.
  2. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until pale. Cut open the vanilla pod, scrape out the seeds and mix into the milk. Warm the vanilla and milk mixture while soaking the remaining 4 gelatine leaves. Add the soaked gelatine into the milk until dissolved. Whisk the cream into stiff peaks.
  3. Carefully combine the milk/vanilla and yolk/sugar mixtures. Gently stir this into the cream. Divide in two.
  4. Blend half of the raspberries and add to one half of the creamy mousse.
  5. Top the set beer jelly with the pink mousse, poke the other raspberries into the mixture and finish off with the white mousse.
  6. Leave to set for 3 hours in the fridge. Serve with Hoegaarden Rosée.

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